Hash! Tag! Success!?
by krejall

EWMIC now has a Twitter account, for whatever that's worth. How's everybody feeling?

Hai Guise!
by krejall

Hey guess what!? EWMIC is now FACEBOOK OFFICIAL! Hurrah! Tell your friends! Tell your grandmother! She won't like it! Head over and give us a Like!

Oh Goodness!
by krejall

So Ye Olde Problems is finally getting off the ground! I was going to wait until it was convenient for cmauritson to have time for coloring, but I don't want to sit on this anymore.

That said, I've been quite productive so far, drawing two pages for each I've posted. It irritates me to sit on a buffer like that. When I finish a page I want people to be in on the joke immediately! Got to pace myself though. Enjoy Ye Olde Problems!

Everything is pretty okay.
by krejall

Hullo, loyal followers! Also hullo to everyone who just pops in once in a while. Everything is going pretty okay. Job is stable, friends are constant, and markers are green. I am looking into getting the pages photographed professionally by John M Studios (possible NSFW?), since the scanner seems to do weird things to the colors. So... look forward to that? How is everyone doing?

Isn't this supposed to be colored?
by cmauritson

Hey everyone.

The past few weeks have been a pretty crazy time for me, preventing me from getting comics up on time or getting them colored. I’ve been out of town a lot, and am again for my sister’s surgery. I'd love to say we're back on track right now but I'm not. I will be soon though! Wednesday’s comic will be up on time, but again it won’t be colored. Everything should be back to normal by Friday. I will finally be back home to stay for a bit, with organized copics, the right paper and a scanner. From then on things should be normal. Thanks for sticking with us and I hope you enjoyed my little decoy comics.