by krejall

Plagiarism. It seems to be a central part of human nature. In order to avoid doing it myself, I will list here my four favorite comics. I drew much of my art style from imitating these fine ladies and gentlemen, so it stands to reason I may have lifted more than I realized. If so, I am truly sorry about that. I didn't do it on purpose.

Kate Beaton - Absolutely everything about her work is excellent. Look for it on her website!

John Campbell - A keen sense of the absurd and awesome dialogue can be found in Pictures for Sad Children

Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya - Are a single composite person for the purposes of this list. Johnny Wander has exquisite linework that I would aspire to if my hands didn't shake so much.

Christopher Hastings - Sense of humor. Nobody doesn't love Doctor McNinja!

Thanks for being there for me to emulate, guys and gals!

And lizard people. I got my eye on you, Beaton.

I have them, these plans
by krejall

So eventually I would sure like it if I could make a photo submission thingy on here to let people upload their finds. Unfortunately, that involves a whole lot of scripting, networking, and other such know-how, which I simply do not possess. I would be happy to find someone who is learning PHP and whatnot to help me out! I would pay such a person with money from my wallet, though I cannot compete with what you'd probably make working on a more popular website. I want the reader participation part of this comic to be as easy as possible. For now, I will resort to the more archaic option of having you email me your finds.

is the address I would suggest using!

Also, as of Saturday, January 7, 2012 , there will be treasure out there to be found! It's somewhere in Renton, WA! Oooh! I hope somebody finds it!

If this catches on, I will see about coming up with some prizes. I think the idea holds water on its own, but a little incentive can't hurt things.


Oakay, sleep well all you guys, gals, and Lizard people.

Oah Halloa Thar
by krejall

I have started making this webcomic as a sort of experiment. The experiment is to see if anyone likes it. I'm nervous! Be kind to me!

I will have some new, hoapfully cleaner strips up soon. They will explain at length what is going on here. Check back soon for more! They are relatively easy to draw, so I probably won't get bored and stop making them.

Oakay bye nau.