Isn't this supposed to be colored?
by cmauritson

Hey everyone.

The past few weeks have been a pretty crazy time for me, preventing me from getting comics up on time or getting them colored. I’ve been out of town a lot, and am again for my sister’s surgery. I'd love to say we're back on track right now but I'm not. I will be soon though! Wednesday’s comic will be up on time, but again it won’t be colored. Everything should be back to normal by Friday. I will finally be back home to stay for a bit, with organized copics, the right paper and a scanner. From then on things should be normal. Thanks for sticking with us and I hope you enjoyed my little decoy comics.

Why hallo thar!
by cmauritson

I would like to say hello to everyone. I wanted to introduce myself and probably talk a little about my coloring process.

My name is Chelsea and I was invited to do the coloring for future EWMIC comics, by my brother and I’d like to say I’m absolutely loving it! I work with Copic sketch markers which are alcohol based ink markers made in Japan that are all kinds of awesome. I receive the inks from my brother who free-hands them with Sakura Micron pens and I print them out on Copic Paper. It’s a very nice thick non bleeding paper that holds all the inks very well. We talk a little about what we’re both expecting from each page until I have a rough idea of what we’re looking for. After that I choose colors and each page takes anywhere between one and four hours coloring the page, depending on its complexity. Afterwards I take a picture with my high res camera (If there’s a good way to scan copics I haven’t found it yet) and email it to him and he edits the image and posts it online. 

I hope you're enjoying the color!


Stuff and Things
by krejall

So, to combat the inexorable pull of hiatus, I have set up my comic to update on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, regardless of how often I upload them. So now I will start to have a buffer. Look for updates on M/W/F!

by krejall

Plagiarism. It seems to be a central part of human nature. In order to avoid doing it myself, I will list here my four favorite comics. I drew much of my art style from imitating these fine ladies and gentlemen, so it stands to reason I may have lifted more than I realized. If so, I am truly sorry about that. I didn't do it on purpose.

Kate Beaton - Absolutely everything about her work is excellent. Look for it on her website!

John Campbell - A keen sense of the absurd and awesome dialogue can be found in Pictures for Sad Children

Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya - Are a single composite person for the purposes of this list. Johnny Wander has exquisite linework that I would aspire to if my hands didn't shake so much.

Christopher Hastings - Sense of humor. Nobody doesn't love Doctor McNinja!

Thanks for being there for me to emulate, guys and gals!

And lizard people. I got my eye on you, Beaton.

I have them, these plans
by krejall

So eventually I would sure like it if I could make a photo submission thingy on here to let people upload their finds. Unfortunately, that involves a whole lot of scripting, networking, and other such know-how, which I simply do not possess. I would be happy to find someone who is learning PHP and whatnot to help me out! I would pay such a person with money from my wallet, though I cannot compete with what you'd probably make working on a more popular website. I want the reader participation part of this comic to be as easy as possible. For now, I will resort to the more archaic option of having you email me your finds.

is the address I would suggest using!

Also, as of Saturday, January 7, 2012 , there will be treasure out there to be found! It's somewhere in Renton, WA! Oooh! I hope somebody finds it!

If this catches on, I will see about coming up with some prizes. I think the idea holds water on its own, but a little incentive can't hurt things.


Oakay, sleep well all you guys, gals, and Lizard people.