Everything is pretty okay.
by krejall

Hullo, loyal followers! Also hullo to everyone who just pops in once in a while. Everything is going pretty okay. Job is stable, friends are constant, and markers are green. I am looking into getting the pages photographed professionally by John M Studios (possible NSFW?), since the scanner seems to do weird things to the colors. So... look forward to that? How is everyone doing?

Isn't this supposed to be colored?
by cmauritson

Hey everyone.

The past few weeks have been a pretty crazy time for me, preventing me from getting comics up on time or getting them colored. I’ve been out of town a lot, and am again for my sister’s surgery. I'd love to say we're back on track right now but I'm not. I will be soon though! Wednesday’s comic will be up on time, but again it won’t be colored. Everything should be back to normal by Friday. I will finally be back home to stay for a bit, with organized copics, the right paper and a scanner. From then on things should be normal. Thanks for sticking with us and I hope you enjoyed my little decoy comics.

Why hallo thar!
by cmauritson

I would like to say hello to everyone. I wanted to introduce myself and probably talk a little about my coloring process.

My name is Chelsea and I was invited to do the coloring for future EWMIC comics, by my brother and I’d like to say I’m absolutely loving it! I work with Copic sketch markers which are alcohol based ink markers made in Japan that are all kinds of awesome. I receive the inks from my brother who free-hands them with Sakura Micron pens and I print them out on Copic Paper. It’s a very nice thick non bleeding paper that holds all the inks very well. We talk a little about what we’re both expecting from each page until I have a rough idea of what we’re looking for. After that I choose colors and each page takes anywhere between one and four hours coloring the page, depending on its complexity. Afterwards I take a picture with my high res camera (If there’s a good way to scan copics I haven’t found it yet) and email it to him and he edits the image and posts it online. 

I hope you're enjoying the color!


Stuff and Things
by krejall

So, to combat the inexorable pull of hiatus, I have set up my comic to update on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, regardless of how often I upload them. So now I will start to have a buffer. Look for updates on M/W/F!

by krejall

Plagiarism. It seems to be a central part of human nature. In order to avoid doing it myself, I will list here my four favorite comics. I drew much of my art style from imitating these fine ladies and gentlemen, so it stands to reason I may have lifted more than I realized. If so, I am truly sorry about that. I didn't do it on purpose.

Kate Beaton - Absolutely everything about her work is excellent. Look for it on her website!

John Campbell - A keen sense of the absurd and awesome dialogue can be found in Pictures for Sad Children

Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya - Are a single composite person for the purposes of this list. Johnny Wander has exquisite linework that I would aspire to if my hands didn't shake so much.

Christopher Hastings - Sense of humor. Nobody doesn't love Doctor McNinja!

Thanks for being there for me to emulate, guys and gals!

And lizard people. I got my eye on you, Beaton.