Comic 16 - Puzzles and moar
Wednesday, the 4th of January at 8:58 PM, 2012 in Single Story Strips
Puzzles and moar
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User comments:
Chelby (Guest) edit delete reply
Is it sad that I've taken to checking this just about every time I pull out my phone or sit at my computer?
krejall edit delete reply
What noa! That is happy!
Daryl (Guest) edit delete reply
Dude I am happy that i found your site. Made my day a lot better. I look forward on seeing more.
krejall edit delete reply
Making someone's day better is the best thing a person can do! I'm glad my comics could do that for you!
Fyatre (Guest) edit delete reply
This made me chuckle.
Beelzebabe edit delete reply
Everything on this page is gorgeous. The way you use bold line and texture is really inspiring.
Matt (Guest) edit delete reply
This is truly auspicious.