Comic 223 - Steroids
Sunday, the 23rd of June at 9:35 PM, 2013 in An Interlude
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Author Notes:
krejall edit delete
The healing process has (hopefully) begun! I'll get back to Ye Olde Problems as soon as all the lacerations are healed up.
User comments:
Greg (Guest) edit delete reply
Eczema?!? That's not what I had! How do you expect to inhabit my old life if you don't even get your diseases right?!

Putting that aside: get better. I hope this works for you. If not, ask about immunosuppressants. Much love, my yonder friend!
Gangerworld edit delete reply
Get better right quick, eh? That sucks. Funny comic, tho
Matt (Guest) edit delete reply
Hookworms, I tell ya! Hookworks'll getcha right as rain lickety-split!