Comic 238 - Excuses
Thursday, the 25th of July at 9:59 PM, 2013 in An Interlude
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JoeXseries edit delete reply
Hey man, this is my first time commenting on your comic strip.
You've got a great comic goin on here, and you show all your effort and creativity in every line you put down for this comic you've made.
You draw (I assume) because you love the medium, and you love how you can express your ideas through it. Ain't no reason to be apologizing and feelin down if you gotta take care of yourself and your life.
You draw cuz it's something you like to do, and you should never force yourself to draw if it detracts from the joy you get out of it.
As long as every time that you put down them lines for your art and they got heart in them, and you lovin what you're doin, then you be doin all your fans good.
Cheer up artist man, you got this.

krejall edit delete reply
That's... very nice! Thank you!
uradhere edit delete reply
nice dude. it sounds like life is good, keep it up. Even if thats less comics. or no comics. keep doing your thing.