Comic 68 - Decoy 1
Monday, the 23rd of July at 6:47 PM, 2012 in Guest Strips
Decoy 1
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Author Notes:
cmauritson edit delete
Sorry this is up so late, things have been crazy the past couple of days. I'm working on getting the colored version of the most recent space problems up. Wednesday's comic, whatever it may be (I honestly will take suggestions), will be up at midnight Wednesday as usual.
User comments:
smbhax edit delete reply
I think it's neat that this is a brother-sister-produced comic. Also, I had no idea Copics don't scan well. That's good to know!
cmauritson edit delete reply
We also think that the brother/sister thing is neat! We haven't worked together on anything like this before. As for the copics they don't scan well initially but if you mess with the hue/saturation and brightness/contrast long enough you can usually get it to turn out looking pretty close to the actual colors. I actually managed to scan this one in!